The Destination

Tropical Island
3. Romantics

Looking to rekindle the flames with a romantic escape? From the Maldives' secluded beaches to Savannah’s charming B&Bs, these destinations are perfect for woo-ing your significant other.

   Culture Vultures


A person who loves art, music, movies, and dance, and all forms of culture so much that they consume whatever they find. Like birds that scavenge by the roadside, culture-vultures feast on art wherever they find it.




5 of the Best Cities for Shopaholics on Vacation

 If you’re a self-proclaimed shopaholic who’s tired of looking in the same stores year after year, then it’s time to look at cities around the world that are known for their excellent selection. Reserve some time off and travel to these five destinations if shopping ‘til you drop sounds like your idea of a good time.

1) Tokyo

2) Santa Fe, NM

3) Paris

4) London

5) NYC



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